Jan 23, 2015

Boomers Travel Gadgets

Top Baby Boomer Travel Gadgets

These days, picking the best high-tech product for you is no easy task. There are many choices with even more variations. Staying on top of trends and the newest gadgetry can be frustrating and time-consuming. We are looking to make it a bit easier to figure out what gadgets to bring on your next trip by compiling some of the top devices in one easy to see and use place.


iPad is a great choice for travel – it is a user-friendly and lightweight computer to access email, news, search the web, and buy products. It is also great for communicating with friends and family via chat or video.

Amazon Voyage is the newest addition to Kindle family. And it is one of the best for travel. Voyage, a great travel related name, has crisp, 6" hi-resolution multi-touch color display. It has Wi-Fi support for connectivity, USB ports, new adaptive front light that provides ideal brightness day or night, and is extremely lightweight at 14.5 ounces. A single battery charge can last up to six weeks based on light setting and wireless usage.


Baby boomers rely on their medications to keep them healthy
This involves complex medication schedules that need to be followed even more so when traveling. Missing some of these can lead to missing doses, taking incorrect amounts, or taking medicines at the wrong times. There are gadgets and apps to help sort this out

The pill reminder replaces the cap on your standard 33m medicine bottle. It is easy to set and it automatically records last opened day and time and sounds alarms throughout the day to remind to take the pills

Similar to the cap, this pill container also provides reminders during the day with vibrations and sounds.

Charging Those Gadgets

Belkin SurgePlus 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector
Its a slim travel size combo power strip that includes surge protection and a USB charger for two devices, including laptops, digital cameras, e-book readers, etc. Great for hotel rooms and airports to get some extra outlets for all of the gadgets.

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