Jan 20, 2016

New Watch That is Smart for Boomers and Grandkids

New Watch That is Smart for Boomers and Grandkids

E-ZY SOS Watch, a new wearable from Haier, was introduced at CES 2016. It has a basic watch design, nothing too tech fancy. What this device does have is built-in GPS to help parents track their kids via an Android or iOS app. It will boast a 0.96’’ OLED screen and is waterproof up to 30 meters with a battery life of up to two days.
The watch has a built-in SOS button, that can alert up to three contact numbers in the event of an emergency. Which similar to how LifeAlert products work, though this one is a multi-functioning gadget that you can have with you anywhere. And you will remember to wear it since you are used to having a watch on your wrist
The version for kids comes in more colorful versions. Parents and grandparent can set safe zone for their child and receive an alert if the child leaves that area. This is set and controlled via a free app from Haier. The app features a location interface with GPS tracking, several days’ worth of location history and the option to retrace the child’s path.

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