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Sep 13, 2015

Grandparents Day 2015 - Do Something Grand Like Travel

National Grandparents Day 2015

Sunday, September 13 is the National Grandparents Day 2015

Some ideas on how you can spend grand time with your family:

Take a tour of your town
Learn more about your hometown, as well as your grandparent or
grandchild. Visit the buildings where localdecisions are made (i.e. Mayor’s office, city council,
state capital, etc.). Talk about the political process and the ways young people can get involved.

Hit the aquarium or the zoo
Trips with grandchildren can combine both education and fun. And these locations are both. They get to see and experience various creatures in the water and on land.

Go for a hike
You will both get exercise while learning about the great outdoors. To keep it interesting for the kids try incorporating scavenger hunts

Explore the United States
There are events being held throughout the country in celebration that include multi-generational activities.

Take a Cruise
It does not have to be a long one as the younger generation would need to get back to school. There are cruises that sail nearby for 3-4 days. Take the whole family, unpack once, and enjoy the scenery, food, and entertainment.

Leave parents behind, and take grand kids
On a tour adventure trips to remote places that they will never forget. Expose the kids to other cultures and let them experience a bit of their independence, while you form a better bond.

Grandparents' Day Deals and Discounts:
The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
- Each child's ticket purchased is good for one free grandparent's admission

Grandparents Day Gift Ideas:

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